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Juan’s Snow Cone Machine

Juan shows us his old snow cone machine.

Lourdes Attends First Communion

Lourdes, Baltazar’s granddaughter, attends first communion at a local church.

Juan Shows Where the Brothers Grew Up

Juan gives us a tour of the huts where he and his brothers grew up and talks about how the huts were made and what life was like back then.

Carmen Talks About Cooking Tradition

Carmen, Baltazar’s daughter, talks about tradition while preparing a meal of chiguiles, a traditional food made of cornflower and cheese wrapped inside leaves from the cannalily plant.

Ice Factory Owner Discusses the Ice Business

Alfredo Vadillo, owner of an ice factory in Riobamba, Ecuador, discusses the ice business.

Riobamba Produce Market

An atmospheric montage of shots at a produce market in Riobamba.